You stress yourself out

Have you noticed in life that some people tend to be happy people and think positively? I laugh more, I look confident and full of hope for the future. They can cope with stressful situations, have more patience and be calm. Why is someone thinner or fatter, or how does one person look ugly and look old, while another still looks and feels young at 50 or 60? Why is one person usually happy, while another is used to being "stressed" and feeling negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, panic attack, and stress?

The answer is related to genetics, the three primary hormones and the brain's neurotransmitters:

cortisol also called "stress hormone" is good, but in small amounts. Otherwise, it upsets blood pressure, increases sensitivity to pain, decreases immunity, decreases cognitive performance. Due to today's extracurricular lifestyles, it is estimated that 87% in the population has a high level of cortisol.                                                           .

dopamine is responsible for 2 major things: Motivation and Attention. When we are focused on a goal and working to achieve it, dopamine is eliminated in the body and in the brain, which focuses our attention and helps us to overcome the challenges that arise in the way of achieving the goal. In addition, dopamine affects mood and controls the reward and pleasure / satisfaction centers in the brain. Remember what a pleasant surprise it is to meet the person you love?

Serotonin also called the "happiness hormone", it affects mood, impulsivity, self-esteem and increases resistance to stress. Serotonin counteracts cortisol and increases connections in the brain regions responsible for learning and memory. Depression is thought to be caused by too few serotonin receptors.

The three hormones can help to definitely improve the mood, the concept of happiness and the feeling of well-being.

The good news is that with simple and minor lifestyle adjustments, you can make substantial improvements, both in your own appearance and in the way you feel.

There are specific plants that maintain the normal values of the three hormones, which helps to improve mental and physical well-being. Here are some of the most effective natural remedies that are clinically proven to work quickly, safely, and long-term:

When they are together, these plants work synergistically, both in their chemical components and in their therapeutic properties. The synergy makes the therapeutic benefit of the herbal mixture more effective than the action of a single ingredient, without negative side effects.

Try natural, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant solutions.

Let's do this naturally! BioVitality will propose the product Sirin, which contains all these key ingredients in one capsule.

The feedback has been amazing and since the product has been appreciated for over 35 years, it means it works!

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